The "Gazelle Funding" tool allows you to search for private as well as public funding sources for companies in the sector of Mobile and Mobility Industries.

You may use the search function to identify the funding opportunities most suitable to your needs.

For private sources of finance, you can search the database by company name, country of origin, type of fund (Venture Capital, Private Equity, etc), and investment geography (target countries that the company invests in).

For public sources of finance, you can search the database by funding programme, type of funding (EU / national), keyword, sector, and type of beneficiary organisation.

The "Gazelle Funding" tool is developed in the framework of the EMMINVEST project. EMMINVEST aims to facilitate investment into entrepreneurial SMEs to allow them to build their mobile and mobility service concepts into sizeable, sustainable, and internationalized businesses. This will be achieved by providing information to SMEs on financing opportunities, developing and testing coaching schemes for SMEs, raising awareness of investors on relevant opportunities in the market, defining and testing cross-border co-investment facilities with existing investment groups and funding sources and involving regional innovation partners and investment groups throughout the project.

The EMMINVEST project is financed by the European Commission under the European Mobile and Mobility Industries Alliance initiative.

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